A message from Anonymous

What is Black Tumblr?



Technically, we are the collective members of Tumblr who subscribe to the Black/African diaspora. If we are alike in no other way, it is in our shared ‘getting shitted on’ by our respective majorities. 

More specifically, we are the bump in the night for all those internet bigots out there. We are the sigh on the back of the neck as they hit the post button on that one text post. We are the side-eyes in the night. We are glorious justice.

DO NOT come for us, unless we send for you. And if we send for you, you’d better arm up because we are coming with a verbal assault so vicious, your children’s children’s great-grandchildren will know better. We will shade you up and read you down. We are the ones who knock. We are not the hero Tumblr deserves, but we are the hero that Tumblr NEEDS.

Anything else?



accurate doe